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Why Wearing Own-Made is Good

(I hesitated over the title of this post because I could have put ‘handmade’ or even ‘homemade’. But I wanted to specifically focus on wearing things you made yourself – be it jumpers, hats, jewellery, bags or anything else.)

1. Uniqueness – Even if you have faithfully followed a pattern, you will have used a material, colour, size combination or made some tiny alteration that makes it different to everyone else’s. You are not going to get on the bus and see someone else wearing one of those.

2. Talking Point – When I wear things I have made myself, I invariably get comments and compliments. People can often spot when something is not mass produced and will ask you about it. In my case this is often because I’m wearing something odd. But sometimes it is because I am wearing something awesome....which brings me on to the next point.

3. Pride/Recognition – Even if what I am wearing is odd, I still made it which most people either physically can’t or can’t be bothered to do (or occasionall…

Welcome to the New Site!

I have been blogging here now for 5 years (five! Count 'em) and recently I have been thinking hard about what I might want to do during the next 5. When I started I was pretty much 100% knitting. Since then I've kept my love of knitting but have also got back into sewing again. So I took the scary step of changing my blog from "Lixie Knits It" to "Lixie Makes It".

I know it might seem like quite a small step but I've built up some loyal readers over the years and don't want to lose any of them with the change. So I hope everyone finds their way here and if you click on 'Follow' on the left sidebar you'll never lose me again!

I am happy because...

1. I wore my favourite outfit today.

I used to wear it with a shiny red and white polka dot belt, but the elastic heart one is much better. The dress was vintage 80s and was mid-calf with sweat band type elastic around the ends of the 3/4 length sleeves. A few chops and some hemming and it was perfect. And of course a dress demands some suitable shoes.  A very random acquisition from Budapest last year. 
2. My hexagon patchwork quilt is going very well. I've sewn together the whites, yellows and oranges. Here are the remaining 'flowers' to be assembled. 
3. It was our three year wedding anniversary yesterday and Pooch got me some polka dot undies. 

Knit Nation and Byrne Bonanza

So, Knit Nation then. I'd said on my podcast that having looked at the floorplan I was a bit doubtful about having paid to go to the marketplace because it looked a bit small - I take that back. It was manageable and perfectly formed. There were an excellent array of stands and old and new suppliers and of course there was Wollmeise.
Not that it was very easy to get close. The talk was rife with tales of people spending £200 and even £600 just at that one stall. There were no signs of them running out anytime soon though. Having only seen an occasional skein before, it was the saturation of the colours that amazed me.
These photos are in natural light with no editing or changing of tone and so on. It was pretty overwhelming all together.
I just stood on the sidelines and watched others as they got into it. I talked to a few people who felt it was over-rated and just happens to be the yarn of the moment, and at £15 a pop it is on the upper end of things. But then it is very nice and f…