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I've been thinking about getting a tattoo again. I wobble between 'meh' and 'meh', but pronounced differently. Part of the reason can be seen on the second row of today's mosaic - all inspired by 'sashiko'.

1. Cherry Blossom Sashiko Square, 2. 9784277311711, 3. japanese quilt1, 4. the complete works, 5. made of stars, 6. half made of stars, 7. Golden Circles Table Runner, 8. modern sashiko kit complete, 9. Sashiko -Asagao-, 10. Block 3, 11. 9784277311711, 12. Sashiko a´la Diddi Pretty cool huh? You can click on the credits for the photographer's Flickr page. Such a skill with the camera. That kind of body art is just divine. I can imagine not getting bored looking at that for the next eleventy years. Although of course as a woman I can expect my body to do more waxing and waning than a man, especially within the next decade.

My love of sashiko took a bit of a blow this morning. I was ready half an hour early so decided to mellow out with some stitchin…

Tutorial Tuesday - on a Wednesday

One of the things I like best about Ravelry is the 'Friend Activity' page. To reach it you log in, click on 'friends' in the 'my notebook' menu, and then click on the 'friend activity' tab.
I have this as my ravelry bookmark page so it is the first one I look at each and every time I log in. It is fascinating to see what my Ravelry Friends are knitting, favouriting, queueing and commenting on. Often I'll see someone queue or favourite something and then see mutual friends do the same until almost the whole screen is made up of one pattern. These are the 'must make' patterns of the moment and often are just transient. However, some of them stick and become the pattern giants of the knitting and crochet world.

While cruising the forums I saw a thread where a knitter had asked how to find a list of all the most popular patterns. Someone had kindly responded with not just one, but three lists! Each subtly different.

In the following descriptions …

Book Review - Knitting Green

I am lucky enough to have been given two copies of this book and so am giving one copy away to the winner of this competition.

This is an Ann Budd book, which in itself is a pretty good indication that this will make a useful addition to your knitting library. Her book "The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns" is my go-to book for projects and in fact I've got two on the needles at the moment using patterns from that book. This book is not quite in the same league, in that it has 20 patterns with set sizes, but it has the same straight forward layout you can expect from her books.

Knitting Green follows a now familiar format of interspersing knitting patterns with short essays on topics relevant to the book's theme. I doubt whether anyone has ever bought a knitting book for the essays, but they're well written and interesting to dip into. The patterns are an interesting variety of scarves, shawls, socks, accessories and tops with a skirt and a hat thrown …