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Episode 20 of the Podcast

(It may be a few hours before episode 20 shows up below. Click here if it isn't showing.

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First Block of Interviews are from....
KnitExpoKnitting and Crochet GuildWoolly WormheadToft AlpacaAnova BooksExplanation of swiss darning.

Second block of interviews are from... Knitting 4 FunEasyKnitsCoco KnitsKnitExpo (link above)IKnit LondonTry and search for #iknit. Click on that last link to go straight to that search on twitter (no log in needed). Tutorial on "Twitter for Knitters" will be on my blog soon. Plus Follow Me on Twitter.
SkipNorth knitting holiday - more information here.
Third block of interviews are from... Woolly Thoughts. Illusions knitting gallery hereWensleydale Longwool SheepshopThe Bothered OwlHedgehog EquipmentArtisan Threads Extra links: Excellent podcasts from CraftyPodSix weeks of free patterns from Duo Fibreworks

Competition Winner & Your Go To Books

Following my review of Knitting Green last week, all those who commented before end of Sunday were entered into a draw to win it in return for giving us their go to book. Here is what was suggested (click on the pics to go to the book's amazon page):
From Annette: A true classic. I also go to this one all the time. "The first book I used a pattern out (tomten jacket) and when I have knitting question I almost always can find the answers in that book." 

From AlisonK: Another classic. SPM is a genius and she's working on a new book....
"Set out in clear terms a lot of hints & tips I just hadn't known with being a self-taught knitter who mainly works in isolation. This book is also responsible for the fact that I ever succeeded in knitting a sock, as the first one I did was to Stephanie's recipe." 
From Charlotte and Nocton4: One that got a lot of people back into the swing of things. 

"The book that got me back into knitting as a twenty year old. N…

These are a few of my favourite things

There have been some brilliant blog posts recently. Here are my favourites.

Knitting on the Green - Liz's review of KnitCampI foolishly thought the KnitCamp saga had come to an end but no, it rumbles on. Many people without refunds and the organiser went on a two week holiday straight afterwards and has posted a rather odd summary post on the official blog. But what was it really like for people who were there? Liz has written a 5 (so far) part review of the different elements. All are very well written and have brilliant photographs with them. I've linked to part 1 but you will easily find all the others. Stick around for her book reviews too. 
Craftypod - Review of 'Brave New Knits'I've seen patterns from this book creeping into the friend activity screen on ravelry and Sister Diane gives us a very good review of the book itself along with lots of pictures. 
Color Me Katie - Cat Cafes in JapanI genuinely thought this was my idea and have often talked to Pooch about …