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Showing posts from November 21, 2010

A Crafting We Will Go...

Social Butterfly that I am, there are now five things on my to do list for the next month.
1. Craftacular at Bethnal Green this sunday - I went to the summer one (blog post here) and had a great time so am definitely going to this one for some xmas shopping.

2. Deathtrap on Shaftesbury Avenue - looks like just my kind of thing.

3. Bridget Riley at the National Gallery - I have always loved her opart so am looking forward to seeing a proper exhibition along with art from those who have influenced her.

4. Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Natural History Museum - I've always liked this exhbition and missed it last year because of my back. Looking forward to this one.

5. Book of the Dead at the British Museum - the BM is an easy walk from work now so am planning an evening viewing, if there are any.

If anyone fancies any of these let me know and we can meet up. I may already have found a willing victim for the Bridget Riley but the others are all open.

Swing, brother, swing.

This is the title of a Ngaio Marsh detective mystery. It is about a swing band and the accordian player is stabbed and so on and so forth. I am a big mystery reader and I do have a soft spot for the Inspector Alleyn mysteries. However, that is not the reason for the title - which is more to do with mood swings. It hasn't quite been metronomic, but there are some definite highs and lows going on. I'm still taking part in the LSE 'Mappiness' study which involves plotting your happiness, relaxation level and awekeness using a little app. You can click here to see how happy people taking part are right now compared to the average. There's a map too and lots of other info on the site. I have now made 147 submissions to mappiness via the app and my graph is all over the fricking place. I started doing it just after Pooch and I separated so you can imagine for yourselves what some of the lows are about.
I compared it to a friend's and his was essentially the graph of …