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Showing posts from November 28, 2010

Fancy any of these books for free?

I have occasionally mentioned Bookmooch before. I love it. You list books and people request them and you post them off. Then you request other people's books and they post them to you. No money involved. No hassle.
So this morning I started listing all the books and patterns I am destashing. They can be yours - for free! All you need to do is go to bookmooch and list 10 books you want to give away (they can be literally anything). Then you can search for my books and I'll post them to you free. 

Swap your books at
Now just to be fair - my account is currently set up to only post to people in the UK. But if you are further afield and want a book leave me a comment with your bookmooch name and I'll reserve it for you so you can mooch it. Can't say fairer than that.

Write your own story...

I was in a meeting earlier today and out of the window I could see these little footsteps.
It inspired a Scheherazadian diluge of stories to occur to me. Plus, if you follow them backwards, it looks like lots of little planes on a curvy runway. 
I'll leave you to create your own story...

It's cold outside

According to my phone is was -2 when I got up this morning. Far too nippy to get out of bed, but then a quick dance round the room to Nina Simone singing 'Feeling Good' and I was fine. When I did venture out the Dock had frozen. 
The seagulls always seem to handle this quite well, but the Coots, with their skeletal feet, just cannot walk on ice and end up staggering around like little drunkards. As I was walking past I could see the bubbles caught under the ice, looking like beautiful polka dots. 
I had gone out to go to Craftacular in Bethnal Green. (One of the things to do from my last post.) It was soooo crowded and so not the best place to be as you couldn't help jostling and being jostled. But I did get a lovely present for my parents so it was worth the visit. Sadly I can't blog about it as they occasionally check in here. It made me realise how close christmas is though. That was my first bit of xmas shopping so I think over the next couple of days I shall have to…