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Showing posts from December 12, 2010

Holidays are Coming

Two vital ingredients of my christmas have arrived chez byrne.
I never used to like Champagne. Now, I definitely do, but I can't help thinking that it would not be a good idea to drink it a bottle at a time by myself when I have to get up at 5.30am from the 25th-29th for my volunteering.

I now have a sponsorship page for Crisis at Christmas so if you have a pound to spare...that's the page. It would be lovely to raise £100 and I have £20 online and £20 offline already so literally £1 will be appreciated.

Thanks for your kind wishes and thoughts about my poor relationship. It's really meant a lot. Fortunately, whatever the tragedy, one can at least attempt to knit through it. And with a friend with a first baby due in January this is what I have been working on the last week or so.
I'm thinking toggles for the buttons with i-cord loops to fasten them. The pattern is a free one from Pure & Simple whose patterns are....pure and simple. Nuff said. Top down and seamless …

Finally some Finished Objects

I have finished my Inaugural Sweater, by Annarella
I really like it although typically I've made the sleeves a tad short. Need to wet block it some more to sort them out. I've also finished my Mum's Cardi which I started in September. Um, 2009. So it's only 1 xmas late. Since this photo I've blocked and added little pewter elephant buttons. 
I did a bit of shopping in Greenwich and came away with these.  Little knitted wire xmas decos. I also got this astonishingly beautiful hairclip. Also here on Pinterest. Aren't they amazing? This is the designer who told me she doesn't sell online (I told her she really should) but that she's always happy to take orders and commissions. To give you an idea the hairclip was £3.50 so we're not talking megabucks. I've had my hair redone (I had about an inch of roots) and so it looks pretty fab against the dark red, though I say so myself. 
It's been a pretty rocky week really. Pooch and I met up on Wednesday a…