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Coughing through a Crisis

So that is that. I have just been ill and coughed my way through the whole of christmas and the whole of the 5 days I was supposed to have volunteered at Crisis for Christmas. I am so annoyed about it I could spit. I am bored but mostly too knackered to do anything and about once an hour I have a coughing fit. Nice.

As I tweeted a day or so ago, it is a terrible idea to cast on your own design when you are ill. Because you'll do something mindnumbingly stupid - like casting on the waist measurements instead of the hip measurement. And when you have my kind of figure, that's the kind of negative ease you would usually only see on a Beryl Cook painting.  So this is where I'd got to... That's about 3 inches in sock yarn on 3mm needles. All now ripped back and an extra 20% of stitches cast on and 2 rows done. So fecking annoying. The garment itself is destined to be a raglan ripple cardigan using left over sock yarn, of which like all sock knitters, I seem to have endless amo…


By now I should be at the Crisis Ops Centre half way into my second day of volunteering. Instead I am half way into my 4th day of flu like thing. Haven't seen anyone since got back from work on thursday afternoon. Have barely made a dent on my Quality Street.
Although I did have a bit of a play and make them into a spiral.  Bit sad really but gave me something to do on one of my brief stints out of bed. 
It's nearing the end of 2010 and so I've been thinking about my blog book.  It'll be my 6th and probably the one with the widest ranging contents. I've used Blurb for each of them. They have a tool that slurps the blog posts and some years the pictures too into a basic format and then you just take it from there. I always used to look forward to reviewing all my posts and going back through photos but this time it's going to be a tad upsetting. I spoke to Pooch yesterday which was nice but also very sad. There he was with his lovely family and here I was in bed fee…