Monday, 31 January 2011

Cinnamon Buns, Tupperware and I.

I saw this recipe last week. I knew they must be mine.
Cinnamon roll buns
The recipe is for twice this many so I duly halved the amounts and ended up with a dough that, once risen, had the consistency of custard, which is hardly condusive to kneeding. So I had to add about twice as much flour as the recipe suggests. But man, they still tasted gooooooood. I took half into work for the boys and they were highly appreciative. The coffee in the icing really does bring out the maple syrup. Nom.

They are pretty calorific though. In fact, the only way you could make them less healthy
Cinnamon buns with nutella.
Nutella. I was extremely upset to hear nuts do not count as one of your five a day. Thought I was onto something there. And yes, I do feel quite sick now.

While actually using the kitchen I had a dig through the cupboard and pulled out all the tupperware. Considering I never seem to be able to find any when I want it we seem to have collected quite a lot. This is not a small box.
I have ruthlessly been through it and thrown away anything without a lid or that had gone nasty. It's all being done with a purpose now as I have a flat to move to. So 3 weeks until the next phase of life starts. To coincide I've been thinking for months about going back to my maiden name and I have now put the wheels in motion at work. I was thinking of when to actually draw the line between names and was looking at suitable mondays in February. The most suitable one is...the 14th. Hmmm. Bit odd, but just another day, right?

Meanwhile the sock yarn cardi continues - thanks for kind comments! It is my own design although I may put a recipe style pattern together at some point. Plus my blog project's letter is the letter I.

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