Sunday, 9 January 2011

When a blog post really speaks to you

I have a friend who follows people on twitter so he can scoff at what they say because he considers them to be so laughable.
laughing sailor
Personally I only follow 62 people and I only follow them because I want to read what they say. One of these is @bigtangle and not only did a totally unexpected and awesome thank you present arrive from her yesterday in the post, she also tweeted about a friend of her's blogpost. I am so glad she did - because I reckon that post was written mainly for me.

If you've ever had any kind of set back and needed to pick yourself up, you should read this post. 

After reading the post I turned to my trusty iPhone and my ListPro app and created a to do list based on that post.
Pick Yourself Up To Do List
Bit geeky I know, but...I went to bed early last night. Sadly was woken up early too by noise outside but it was a good start. Then I decided to make myself happy with Dim Sum and I faced up to a scary something by going by myself. I have also washed my hair in readiness for changing my appearance overnight using the 'curls without heat' tutorial from here. And I found that tutorial on Pinterest, which just makes me happy generally.

That bit about permission to quit is a really good point to keep in mind. It makes me think of my previous post about marshmallows and decluttering. It also reminds me of the half finished afghan I posted off to a worthy recipient yesterday. It was one I had been making as part of my nest building activities but I got it out again a few weeks ago and knew I just didn't want to finish it. So it has gone, and I have started a replacement.
Starghan in Progress
I'm using stash yarn and it's a pattern I've made twice before - once for a friend going through some tough times and once for a sister doing ditto. And now it's my turn. It's a free pattern - Starghan - and very easy to follow. It's also relaxing and simple and so probably counts towards my 'finish uncomplicated thing' task.

One other thing has made me happy already today and that is the boat ride to and from the dim sum restaurant. It is only one stop on the Thames Clipper but it's lovely to watch the river and travel on it, especially in the sunshine.
Greenland Pier
Plus it reminded me of the river crossing after my hot air balloon ride in Luxor.
Sailing back to the boat
I want to go back there in March and will find out tomorrow whether my request for 20 days leave will be accepted. Fingers crossed.


Josie @Sleep is for the Weak said...

Oh this is fantastic! You've made my day! I'm so happy that the post was helpful.

I love your photographs. Very best of luck as you continue to make such positive changes.


TJ said...

Good for you Lixie, I'm glad you are taking good care. And things like that post are finding you. Thanks for sharing!

Did you ever get my email? I offered to send you Lebkuchen but needed an address. Let me know if you still have a craving!

Best wishes from germany, tj

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

great list
also, be kind to yourself, encourage yourself and look for cheery things to make you smile- a fab skein of yarn in your stash, a starry night, try a diff perfume in John Lewis/Boots. little things like that

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