Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Final Analysis

I have signed up for a free trial of a dating site. As part of the sign up you get a personality report. It's all quite interesting (who doesn't like reading about themselves) but I thought the final summary was worth a post here, just to keep in mind. 

Given your most obvious qualities, it would be great for you to meet the kind of partner:
  • Who appreciates your need for time spent one-to-one rather than being with lots of people.
  • Who shares his feelings with you and feels good about you expressing yours.
  • Who listens to you and supports you in practical ways when times get tough.
  • Who's able to accommodate when you stick to your guns.
  • Who's happy with your direct, straight way of communicating.
  • Who can be intuitive.
  • Who is as organised and conscientious as you are.
  • Who enjoys the relationship here-and-now, day-to-day.
  • Who looks at the positive side of things and is optimistic.
  • Who welcomes your emotions and expresses his freely.
You'd also really like it if your future partner:
  • Isn't too clingy and smothering.
  • Lets you cherish and take care of him.
  • Is happy to spend some of his free time doing things together.
  • Is happy to make joint plans for the future.
  • Likes to be physically affectionate.
  • Shares your intellectual interests and is able to talk to you on a wide range of subjects.
So there's my checklist for when I eventually venture out.

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Knit Kat said...

Crikey, not much to ask for then ?

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