Sunday, 10 July 2011

Call me "Killer".

I look calm cross-stitch
"Killer" is one of the nicknames I have tried to get people to use for me. As I've mentioned before, I am un-nicknamable. 

I saw this quote on Pinterest months ago and have had it in my mind ever since. My Chief Executive recently revealed that if he is listening to someone for more than about 30 secs he stops listening and starts thinking about facebook. The cross-stitch is my version of that. 

This completes my picture wall. 
Picture Wall with Cats
Or at least completes it for now.

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Hang on, are you being sarcastic?! Surely 'Lixie' is one of the best nicknames ever. I tend to end up being called 'Hel' or 'Ricey' both of which are pretty boring and crap nicknames. Kenny has about six nicknames all of which have strange, funny and convoluted histories. I'm muchly jealous.

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