Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crafty Shortlist

I'm in a bit of a home building phase. It's certainly not for any broody reason since I am the most single of the singles, but more to make the flat feel properly like home. The wail of renters everywhere - there's not much I can do to alter the colours, layout, shelving etc but there are little things.

I've always liked mobiles and have been thinking of a cloud one for a while.

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

I'd also like to add some hot air balloons.
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

I've also been thinking about bunting or something like that. I made some for people at xmas.
Sian's Bunting
But I've been thinking about some of this kind of one instead. Not really sure.
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Then maybe some things on the windows.

Hearts are a bit twee though. Maybe hot air balloons? Or clouds. On a bit of a cloud bender at the moment.

My hexagon patchwork duvet top nears completion so that will brighten up the bedroom, along with my newly painted fire engine red bedside cabinet. If I had my own place I'd love it to be something like this:

Lots of white but with colourful highlights. With one wall covered in corkboards...

Maybe one corkboard would be feasible even now....excuse me, must look at how much they are....

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lots of white with colourful highlights is exactly what I would like too.

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