Thursday, 21 July 2011

Friends are Awesome

I met up with two very different friends yesterday. One at lunch and one after work. In fact they couldn't really be more different, but they are both awesome, in equally different ways. With friendships you get out what you put in. Awesome.

In other news...
earrings vintage
While friends are awesome, so are vintage up-ear clip-on earrings. This is my second pair. The etsy seller actually emailed me when she got them in her shop to tell me because she knew how much I loved my first pair. I was wearing the first pair today. Typical office wear, obviously.

Slightly less awesome are awesome hairslides you decorate yourself that then break after your first use.
It might be salvageable for something I guess.

Still fairly awesome is the patchwork quilt I started around Easter 2010 when I was still happily married, living a life of relative financial ease and thinking about babies.
patchwork rainbow in progress
It's not exactly progressing quickly but I'll damn well love it when I'm done.

And lastly, awesome are the larger patchwork pieces I am making for my lampshade.
red patchwork hexagons side on
All those different polka dots! Makes me so happy.


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the quilt is very pretty!


yeah that quilt top is looking totally fricking awesome dude, you have an amazing eye for colour.

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