Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sometimes I am convinced that this phase of my life must be a test


In the last seven days:
  • Sunday: Washing Machine broke and flooded kitchen mid cycle
  • Monday: 33rd birthday
  • Wednesday: Launch of biggest project I've ever worked on
  • Thursday: Break-up with Humphrey
  • Saturday: Shower explodes and forces me to turn off mains water completely. Plus hangover.
I am not running around with my knickers on my head doing a chicken impression so I think I've probably passed. 
Head pants

The break-up was something I brought about although unwillingly. It was one of those ones where there's nothing incompatible, other than the level of commitment each is looking for/able to give at the time. We could have continued quite happily on a casual basis but I want someone to share life with, not just evenings, so it had to end. I'm pretty glum though because he was really lovely and I think it could have been great had it been right for both of us. Plus I could have camped at his this weekend and used his washing machine and working water supply.

Meanwhile I've barely touched any knitting. Feel I have lost a bit of mojo there. Instead I have been cracking on with the hexagon patchwork quilt top. I finally started sewing the little buggers together by machine, even though they are paper pieced. It was all taking too long and I could do with a new duvet cover so I decided to hurry it up. I'm using a very small zigzag in coordinating thread so in fact you can't see any difference until you look up close. I'm just making the last ones ready to be incorporated.
Patchwork fabric hexagons
It's still going to take a while but it'll be pretty amazing when it's done.

Lastly, this may explain the hangover.
Raspberry mule cocktail
My usual Mule but with raspberries thrown in for no discernible reason other than "there were some in the fridge". It's all good. I've been out and bought 5 litres of bottled water. Should last me til lunch.

PS: Sometimes things happen to remind us that life does not revolve around ourselves. The man I talked about in my previous post was declared clinically dead on Thursday and, with his family gathered around him, his life support was turned off. He had worked at one of the organisations three floors above ours for 27 years. 


Knit Kat said...

So sorry Lixie, it sounds like you have been going through a VERY tough time all in all. The law of averages says that things will have to look up from now on. I should know, I have my fair share of being banged about in the tumble-dryer of life.

It was such a shame we couldn't meet in Haworth, well perhaps next year!

Heather Cawte said...


Becky said...

Oh bummer - sounds like a really pants time round your way. Just as well to let the relationship go though if it wasn't moving in the right direction - that was very brave indeed. Hope things do indeed start to look up for you really soon - you deserve it xxxxxx

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