Sunday, 17 July 2011

Staccato Creativity

There have been lots of fits and starts this weekend. Mostly prompted by utter, utter boredom, bit of misery and a lot of pinterest. For instance THIS is my Pinterest "Crafty Inspiration" pinboard. Take this one in particular. 
That pin resulted in this.
Fabric wrapped coathanger
Or this one:
...which has resulted in these two. 
Lampshade Making Kit
Red polka dot fabric samples
(What other fabric would I make it from?)

Or take this:
Beaded Cocktail Ring 2
This is a ring I made after coming across this workshop for £42. I looked at the pictures for a minute, reflected that the materials would only cost pennies and I had them all anyway so it didn't matter if I screwed up, and made one in a kind of hell-and-high-water type way. The only thing wrong with it is the ring bit. 
Beaded cocktail ring
Not very comfortable. I shall cut out wrapping the wire around the whole ring next time. 

And then there is this:
Ripple knitted Noro
I'm still going round and round on it. And probably will be until my next divorce. 

Desperate times call for desperate measure, so I have started watching All the Wrestlemanias, of which there are 27. I watched the first one ever last night and it was fairly amazing in a time warp kind of way. It was 1985, men were men and women were wearing swimming costumes rather than the bikini things they wrestle in now. The crowd wasn't even separated from the ring by a barrier - just by maybe 3 feet of solid concrete floor. The enormous mic had to be lowered into the ring from the ceiling and the announcer had hair. All quite amazing. Wrestlemania 2 is cued up and ready to go so I leave you with this thought - 

Nope, it's gone. 

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