Monday, 22 August 2011

Making Monday

A little bit of making...
I've been meaning to make machine embroidered bookmarks since I did a Make Lounge workshop on it last year. Or was it this year? Doesn't really matter. I woke up early yesterday and cut these out before I left. The afternoon saw them finished.
Star Bright Bookmark
I tried stitching patterns and following the outline of the fabric design, but ended up liking the writing best. The others were still quite sweet though.
Flower fabric
I used some of the liberty fabrics PurlPower gave me in a swap. The one above is one of them. So pretty! I need to keep some of the others hidden for christmas. But then one more won't hurt.
I do like machine embroidery. Like a lot of things I had always meant to try it but lacked the courage/knowledge to just go for it. The worry was that I'd break my sewing machine by doing it wrong. That's why the workshop was so useful - as with the metal purse frame one. It showed me how and now I'm not worried. It's really very easy, your machine won't break and you just need the right foot for your machine. It's going to be so handy for when I start quilting my patchwork quilt - if I ever finish it that is.



Gorgeous! I know exactly what you mean about fear of breaking your machine, I feel just the same! It's the fear of buggering it up and not being able to fix it myself.

Nic said...

I agree with you and PP. I really need to have another go and playing with the machine embroidery. The bookmarks are fab.

mrspao said...

Ever so pretty!

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