Monday, 5 September 2011

Awesome Boobs

I let my chest speak for itself.
Awesome bag
But seriously, the bag. Yippeee!
Tape Measure Handbag 1
Tape handle duly added.
Tape Measure Handbag 2
It was a bit of a bodge but has worked out pretty well. I've been using it the last two days and am very happy with it.
Bag inside
I'll definitely be making more for xmas presents.

The Cranford KAL continues very well. I am now a whole Cranford in.
Cranford Mitten
Really hard to get the colours to look right.

I have a massage booked tonight. I think I've waxed lyrical about them before but come to your house and let you choose duration, type and areas of focus then, in an unusual twist, give you a menu of young women to choose from. I have duly chosen and a blond slovenian will be here shortly. All sounds horribly sordid while being blissfully wonderful. Scented candles ho!

Oh ok, just one more picture of the bag then....
Bag Strap


Nic said...

That bag is awesome!! I really want to play with frame bags in the near future.

Heather Cawte said...

Excellent bag! I love it :)

I am so jealous about the massage. I had a friend who was a professional masseuse, and she was worth her weight in gold. One of her massages would leave me floating on air for a good week afterwards. She even cured my frozen shoulder :)

Sadly she emigrated to Canada, and I've never found anyone as good since. I hope your blond Slovenian does a good job!

Louise Riley said...

omg, I love that bag!! can i commission one?! pushes so many of my buttons. xxxxxxxxxx

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