Saturday, 3 September 2011

Run Byrne Run

Something really weird happened this morning. This is an illustration of what happened.
Running action shot
See? Weird. Weeks ago I bought some trainers. A week or so after that I downloaded the free NHS "Couch to 5k" podcast. Then many weeks went past. Then this morning I woke up shortly after 6 and thought "Right, time to go running." I'm worried it might be dementia. Or the menopause or something. Anyway, I made it through day 1 week 1 and no I didn't feel better afterwards. I felt sweaty. And no that's not the same thing.

Having got the insanity out of my system I went off to Kew to visit Tikki Patchwork.
Tikki Patwork in Kew
Now there's a lovely shop and easy walking distance from the tube station. Not big but with every space used well to display lovely fabrics and accoutrements. You see I am planning another quilt. NOT a handsewn one or paper-pieced. Something with rectangles which are machine sewn and rotary cut. The Make Lounge has some fabrics but this place was a little Aladdin's cave with a couple of hundred 100% cottons to choose from. On this occasion I was only there to look but when have I ever only window shopped? My haul was modest.
The tape measure ribbon/cotton tape is for the handle of the metal frame bag I made a few weeks ago. It's going to be ideal so I shall put that together this weekend.

I made my cat-to-be a toy this week. I've been meaning to try one of these for ages and thought it might work as a christmas tree decoration with the right fabric. So I got a load of small scraps for a try-out and here you are.
Fabric Ball
I am sure the cat will tear it apart in about 30 seconds but then they'll probably enjoy it so I don't mind. And it would work on a tree except the pentagons need to be smaller. So now we know.

Lastly the Cranford-a-long has been going well. I have just divided for the thumb on my first one - although this is a shot from earlier.
Cranford WIP
The colours are very hard to photograph but it is neither so garish or gothic as it looks. Plus it is certainly knitting up quickly. I've made a couple of mods which I'll write up on Rav.


Ynot said...

Lixie, you are a treasure! I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. I always enjoy reading your posts, no matter what you're writing about. Thank you!

Knit Kat said...

Lixie, you are looking like a red-eyed monster, ready for combat(only joking!). Good on you for starting the exercise


Wow, running gal, that is mental. The shop looks super ace. I was remembering the other day how long it was since I ran anywhere. I used to 'jog' a bit at college and never felt like it was the right exercise for me (which turns out to have been correct, joints-wise) but I think it's a great thing to do if you can. Perhaps you'll be running a marathon before you know it!

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