Sunday, 23 October 2011

I Love Screen Printing

I had my final birthday workshop at The Make Lounge yesterday. I did some screen printing as part of my BTEC but the screens were done for me using photo-sensitive emulsion and then I just bodged it. This workshop took you through from start to finish. I went for a knitting symbol first and sketched it out before cutting it out with a scalpel. So chuffed with the result!
My work drying
Those are my first prints drying. One bag the perfect size for sock projects and a red top I had brought with me. Then I wanted to make something for my Mum as a christmas present. They had lots of examples and the ones using paper cut outs were very effective. I set to making some paper snowflakes - something I haven't done since I was a little girl.
Christmas Tea Towel for Mum
The screens were a bit less than A3 so I printed it twice on the tea towel. I'm so happy with my things!

The others in the class had all sorts of ideas and here are some of their creations:
Fairy Toadstool
Black Cat
Star Owl
There were lots of others too.

So this leaves me in a quandry. I am already pretty craft-overloaded. I do not have storage room for any other equipment, but I'm totally in love with screenprinting. I have been lusting after an embroidery sewing machine to do text on clothes and things but with screen printing I could do any number of designs on all sorts of stuff. On paper too.

Pause for running hat update.

I need to make a business case to myself. Afterall - what would I really screen print? Apart from everything. Ne speedy pas Byrne. But it is quite awesome!


nickerjac said...

I am very jealous only ever had a basic go at paper cut screen printing and my print tutor at Uni put me off even going into the print room. Know what you mean about space for extra craft things.

Daisy said...

Oh heck, another hobby I want to have a go at!

Ynot said...

I really love the things you printed! I'm especially envious of the shirt with the yarn ball on it.

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