Sunday, 2 October 2011

One year on

Let's play a game. Complete the following sentence "A year ago today I was...."
phenomenal woman
Well a year ago today I'd just left my husband and started on a course that would leave me as I am now - 2 weeks away from a decree nisi.
Divorce Cakes a_005
I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it all. I had half expected to be really upset. But then...I'm not sure if time heals all but at least the wounds aren't so raw. Things have been going pretty well recently. Work is ok,  mentally I'm stable, I'm ok financially, there's a cat in my near future, I've just been on a gorgeous holiday, knitting and making in general is all good, my family is well and happy, and, to be honest, I've spent the weekend in the arms of my new lover*.
Lovers in the Sun
It's not that I don't wish things had turned out differently. Had things continued to plan I'd have a baby by now and be sitting in a flat I part owned with my husband. And I really did love Pooch so very much. If he hadn't acted as he did...but then I've thought that a lot during the last twelve months and the only response is to point out that he did.

And so looking forward...the cat blanket nears completion ready for the arrival of Smackdown.
Crochet Hexagons
I spent this afternoon is the company of the delightful Romford Knitters with the amazingly talented Nickerjac among others. Not content with mastering knitting, crochet, spinning and double fillet crochet to an exquisite level she has conquered jewellery and brought along the most amazing samples for our feedback. These two came away with me.
Wire and bead ring
I absolutely adore them. Like orbits around a far off sun.
Wire and bead ring 1
And even with little planets. I can't stop looking at them!

* His name is Flash and he is a juxtaposition on legs.

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Persephone! said...

Good luck with your new life Lixie. I have my decree Nisi already, just waiting on the Court dates to sort out the financials as DH felt it would be far better to have an enormous bun fight rather than sit down and work things through in an adult manner. So I will end up with an enormous bill at the end of it, and plus not working means things get a bit desperate at times. After being married for 18 years, now I just feel nothing, not angry, jealous or sad even that he is with someone else, I feel nothing! I am on the verge of setting up my own business, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Love the idea of the new cat to join you, Smackdown? Won't you feel a bit odd shouting that out to call him in? Mind you our cat has decided he has spent far too many nights out as a homeless cat so he has opted to be a house cat instead.

Love the rings, they are gorgeous. Not sure if the new beau is for real or not so won't comment on that one LOL. Beverley

Ironically the word verification is "cheated" very appropriate in my case LOL

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