Saturday, 29 January 2011

M is for...

I have a cunning plan. My blog was in the middle of a makeover when the sky fell in October so it just got left halfway. I've decided to get on with some of the changes I had planned, one of which was a new header. The M is the first of three letters I've done already. Only another 11 to go.

I had a little crafty spurt the other day, but I'm being cheeky and saving it for the thing-a-day month. I've been making other plans too. Mainly on Pinterest.... Little ribbon hairclips:
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Fabric wrapped coat hangers:

Button Pendant:

Lots and lots of lovely inspiration.

My sock yarn cardigan continues pretty well.
Zig Zag Knitting
I'm halfway up the first sleeve now. I'm going to make the sleeves more or less match although it'll be impossible to do it exactly because of the self-pattering sections. But still, I think it'll look quite fun. It reminds me of another pin I've seen recently:
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Even if whoever created it wasn't so hot at the spelling. 

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Big white fluff

I have a bit of a problem at the moment. I keep trying to think about the future and plan n'stuff and it's like when you're in a plane, in the window seat (my favourite) and you climb or descend through some cloud. You go from blue sky....
Cloud Lines
to fluff.
[abr 23]
I have negotiated a record 20 days off work in March. 20 days all in a row too, not in blocks of 2 or anything. I was going to go to Egypt. I tried to book and what I wanted wasn't feasible so now I'm trying to make a decision about what to do instead and...I...just...can' are things I need to do but I start thinking...about.....doing....them....and.......fluff......I'm moving flat and so I start.....thinking....about....moving....and......fluff..... It is literally like walking into very dense fog. It dulls all my senses and leaves me disorientated. 

My first thought was that the last thing I need to do is put pressure on myself to do something every day just when I'm moving and have But then about 5 minutes later when I was able to start thinking againI thought that actually this might be quite a good thing to do to structure things. It says somewhere on the website that you can just spend half an hour a day creating something and I thought that actually that might be quite good. And if I miss a day, well, it doesn't really matter. It's just for fun. 

I've decided my theme is going to be buttons and beloved Pinterest provides plenty of inspiration for quick projects, a number of which I have been meaning to try for ages. This is my own Button Pinboard, then there is Crafty Inspiration, which also includes a number of button projects, and...speaking of clouds and fluff...
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
Cool, huh?

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