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Showing posts from March 6, 2011

Thanks peeps

Everyone has left such lovely comments - thanks for that. I've cherished all of them. The meeting with the consultant went well and he remembered me from all those years previously and asked whether I was still knitting. While packing for my recent move I cme across a pair of intarsia socks I'd been making him, flat on two needles, that were really pretty rubbish. I boldly threw them out, thinking all the while that I would never finish them because I wouldn't see him again. Oh irony. So naturally I am now making him another pair. I am all about simplicity at the moment. I have this horrible feeling that if something even slightly unfamiliar happened I wouldn't be able to cope so intarsia and anything more complicated than a pattern I have made before was out. Fortunately I have made two jaywalkers before and has this Regia from a long past SkipNorth. It looks more complicated than it is too, which is always a bonus.

I've been knitting socks at a fairly impressive…