Sunday, 6 March 2011

Thanks peeps

Everyone has left such lovely comments - thanks for that. I've cherished all of them. The meeting with the consultant went well and he remembered me from all those years previously and asked whether I was still knitting. While packing for my recent move I cme across a pair of intarsia socks I'd been making him, flat on two needles, that were really pretty rubbish. I boldly threw them out, thinking all the while that I would never finish them because I wouldn't see him again. Oh irony. So naturally I am now making him another pair.
jaywalker socks
I am all about simplicity at the moment. I have this horrible feeling that if something even slightly unfamiliar happened I wouldn't be able to cope so intarsia and anything more complicated than a pattern I have made before was out. Fortunately I have made two jaywalkers before and has this Regia from a long past SkipNorth. It looks more complicated than it is too, which is always a bonus.

I've been knitting socks at a fairly impressive rate since I spend quite a lot of each day knitting at the moment. I used up some Koigu I'd had in my stash for maybe 6 years.
blue socs
I was a bit dissapointed but I think that is down to my colour choices. I had a 50g skein of blue and another of green so striped them. Plus they came out too big (my fault for not checking guage) although I've given them to my mum and she loves them. I also finished a pair of Cookie A Kai Mei (I only had the toe left to do on one of them) which I cast on just after I'd moved out of the marital home last October.
red socks
My second pair of these and they won;t be my last. I really love the pattern and the fit of the final sock. The yarn was from The Knitting Goddess which I got at some show or other and I'm sorry to see it's discontinued as it is very soft (BFL) and the colours are lovely. She has lots of other sock yarns though so worth a look.

I am signed off for another week and have my first therapist appointment next Thursday so I'll be staying down here in Exmoor with my Mum and Dad til then. They have been so wonderful, plus there is an added bonus in the following shape:
Her name is Artemis (goddess of the hunt - and she is an awesome hunter) and she is the only cat I have ever known who will lie on her back so you can stroke her stomach.
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