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Showing posts from July 10, 2011

Busy week

It's been quite a week.

On Tuesday I did a Metal Snap Frame Purse workshop at the Make Lounge - courtesy of my birthday vouchers. "Choose two fabrics" she said. I honestly did look at all of them before going for the polka dots. Judge for yourself how successful it was.
It's my third workshop there and it was again very good. I've had a selection of frames for literally years and this has given me the confidence to use them. I've already cut out the fabric for my first and will stitch it over the weekend. 
Wednesday was a double whammy - drinks with Pooch followed by 'Bug' at the BFI which Jonesy got me a freebie for. The drinks were very strong and the talk was very emotional and so by the time I got to the BFI I was drunker than I've been for quite a while. I'd told Jonesy to get the drinks in and as I walked in he held out a pint of beer. A Pint Of Beer. For me. A lady. I suspect I was 17 the last time I drank a pint. I was probably sick (afte…

My favourite saying

Stitched this over the weekend.

So true.

Call me "Killer".

"Killer" is one of the nicknames I have tried to get people to use for me. As I've mentioned before, I am un-nicknamable. 
I saw this quote on Pinterest months ago and have had it in my mind ever since. My Chief Executive recently revealed that if he is listening to someone for more than about 30 secs he stops listening and starts thinking about facebook. The cross-stitch is my version of that. 
This completes my picture wall.  Or at least completes it for now.