Friday, 15 July 2011

Busy week

It's been quite a week.

On Tuesday I did a Metal Snap Frame Purse workshop at the Make Lounge - courtesy of my birthday vouchers. "Choose two fabrics" she said. I honestly did look at all of them before going for the polka dots. Judge for yourself how successful it was.
Metal Snap Frame Purse
It's my third workshop there and it was again very good. I've had a selection of frames for literally years and this has given me the confidence to use them. I've already cut out the fabric for my first and will stitch it over the weekend. 
Metal Snap Frame Purse 2

Wednesday was a double whammy - drinks with Pooch followed by 'Bug' at the BFI which Jonesy got me a freebie for. The drinks were very strong and the talk was very emotional and so by the time I got to the BFI I was drunker than I've been for quite a while. I'd told Jonesy to get the drinks in and as I walked in he held out a pint of beer. A Pint Of Beer. For me. A lady. I suspect I was 17 the last time I drank a pint. I was probably sick (after all, I was 17). It turns out Jonesy was getting free drinks because he was DJing and the bar staff had just brought him a new supply. So there I am, drinking a pint, standing behind the decks at the bar at the BFI, chatting to the DJ. 
Behind the decks at the BFI
This may have been the coolest moment of my life. 

Jonesy at one point mockingly introduced me to his friend as a wrestling fan. For the first 5 minutes that he and I talked about wrestling I thought maybe Jonesy had dredged up eveything I'd ever told him about WWE and briefed him, but then I came to realise that no, I was actually talking to a genuine fellow fan. Jonesy had had no idea and was appalled. 
In your face!
In your face, Jones. The evening ended with the bar staff bringing us shots of what I think may have been tequila. 

While my hangover had warn off by thursday lunchtime the effects of my talk with Pooch were escalating. It's no good though. I wish it wasn't so but it is. It all left me extremely upset and so thursday night was me on the sofa with an almost perceptible cartoon thunder cloud over my head pouring with rain and occasionally stabbing me with lightening bolts. All that crying meant I woke up very early today with a splitting headache, the remnants of which are still with me. 

So yes. 

What on earth can the weekend bring?  

Is it just me, or does this look like the kind of weird cloud that precedes the apocalypse?
Cloud E14
A rip in the space/time continuum maybe. 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Call me "Killer".

I look calm cross-stitch
"Killer" is one of the nicknames I have tried to get people to use for me. As I've mentioned before, I am un-nicknamable. 

I saw this quote on Pinterest months ago and have had it in my mind ever since. My Chief Executive recently revealed that if he is listening to someone for more than about 30 secs he stops listening and starts thinking about facebook. The cross-stitch is my version of that. 

This completes my picture wall. 
Picture Wall with Cats
Or at least completes it for now.

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