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(Updated 9th Sept) Lixie's Adventures with Gentlemen Chapter 4 in which Lixie uses swear words

(Update at end of post) I am a shit magnet.
Let me explain....the most recent adventures have been someone I met through someone else, not through the godawful matchaffinity. We were emailing back and forth for two weeks and then went on a first date on Thursday.
Two hours of chat and a bit of kissing. Nice.

Emails restart the following day. Mid afternoon he suggests meeting up that evening as well. I had an evening of pinboard activity planned (actually pinboard, not pinterest) but I decided to forego it and meet him again.
Pimms at the Tate Modern Bar where we both decided there was too much traffic for snogging and so went to sit on the grass outside.

THREE HOURS later he walks me to the tube with me sporting the latest in teenage accessories.
As we're walking I'm saying that one of the reasons I hate dating is because you have to have these conversations about exclusivity. "Is that a second date conversation?" he asks. Fortunately undeterred I continue at which point…

Crafty Shortlist

I'm in a bit of a home building phase. It's certainly not for any broody reason since I am the most single of the singles, but more to make the flat feel properly like home. The wail of renters everywhere - there's not much I can do to alter the colours, layout, shelving etc but there are little things.

I've always liked mobiles and have been thinking of a cloud one for a while.

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

I'd also like to add some hot air balloons.
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

I've also been thinking about bunting or something like that. I made some for people at xmas.
But I've been thinking about some of this kind of one instead. Not really sure.
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Then maybe some things on the windows.
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
Hearts are a bit twee though. Maybe hot air balloons? Or clouds. On a bit of a cloud bender at the moment.

My hexagon patchwork duvet top nears completion so that wil…