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I Owe Crazy Aunt Purl an Apology

When I first started blogging one of my favourites was Crazy Aunt Purl.
She is still utterly awesome and I just read her recent post on online dating and point four in particular:

4. It's actually much more fun to go shopping at Amazon or Zappos or Etsy because you find something you like, you give it your address and it shows up and doesn't try to murder you or tell you you're fat. No wonder online shopping feels so good. It's practically therapeutic.
She got divorced after her husband said he needed to 'find himself'. She did a lot of drinking during it all. She beats me though by having had three cats (now sadly just two) to help her through.
At the time I thought she was occasionally being a bit self-indulgant with some of her from-the-heart posts. I now wish to withdraw all such thoughts unreservedly.
On Thursday night I finally wrote the statement for the divorce papers. They are now in the post in duplicate with the marriage certificate and cheque for £340 f…