Friday, 26 August 2011


I have the landlord's permission to get a cat.
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I have to pay extra deposit but I had expected that.

I am so excited. 
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It won't be til after I get back holiday but then....
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Countdown to kitty....

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Walking in the Rain

It was raining on Tuesday night so I decided to do a Gene Kelly and walk down to the river and get the boat home. It would have taken about half an hour to reach the pier if I had gone direct but I meandered and took twice as long. And I took photos. But only on my phone, so don't judge the quality.
Grand Building Entrance with pillars

London Telephone box in the rain
Trees at the end of the street
Narrow London Street Passage
Lantern and tree in the rain
Bronze elephant statue
Wet pavement
Lantern with steps in the rain
London Recession
Edgar Wallace Pub
unhappy building
Narrow steps
Park Gateway 
It always amazes me the variety of architecture, textures, atmospheres you can find so close together in London.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Making Monday

A little bit of making...
I've been meaning to make machine embroidered bookmarks since I did a Make Lounge workshop on it last year. Or was it this year? Doesn't really matter. I woke up early yesterday and cut these out before I left. The afternoon saw them finished.
Star Bright Bookmark
I tried stitching patterns and following the outline of the fabric design, but ended up liking the writing best. The others were still quite sweet though.
Flower fabric
I used some of the liberty fabrics PurlPower gave me in a swap. The one above is one of them. So pretty! I need to keep some of the others hidden for christmas. But then one more won't hurt.
I do like machine embroidery. Like a lot of things I had always meant to try it but lacked the courage/knowledge to just go for it. The worry was that I'd break my sewing machine by doing it wrong. That's why the workshop was so useful - as with the metal purse frame one. It showed me how and now I'm not worried. It's really very easy, your machine won't break and you just need the right foot for your machine. It's going to be so handy for when I start quilting my patchwork quilt - if I ever finish it that is.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


I love living by the Thames.
River Thames
Not right by it of course. One is not a gabillionaire. But within 2 mins walk. The sunset yesterday was really lovely - eighties blues and yellows faded to blues and greys such as The Guggenheim is made of.
Guggenheim Bilbao
This morning I went to a really awful boot fair in Rotherhithe and on the way back meandered along a bit of the Thames Path I had not been on before. It was the bit after the Hilton on the south side as you make your way towards the City. There was a lovely pebbly beach along most of it.
Thames pebble beach
There were juvenile seagulls poking around which blended into the pebbles beautifully. It was very peaceful but also made me feel sad - quite a few couples walking with prams. If I hadn't left Pooch and we'd carried on trying for a baby it would probably have been born by now. Left me feeling a bit like this guy.
Canary Wharf Glum Statue

I came home, had a nap, and got a jump on tomorrow's Making Monday aka YarnYard's blog thing. I can't really do 'making mondays' since I have to do 'working mondays' so I think it's ok to cheat. Teaser:
Can you tell what it is yet?

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