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Marvellous Mallorca

Guys - it was seriously awesome. Just drink this in.
We were staying at this hotel which I fully intend to go back to within the next few years and wouldn't hesitate to recommend. In fact if anyone wishes to go there for 4+ nights before the end of May next year they gave me a transferable 5% off coupon which can be used on top of their usual offers (7 nights for price of 6 etc). The only thing is you have to hire a car because the town is about an hour's drive from Palma and public transport is a bit intermittent. The town itself was Fornalutx which was all stone passageways and amazing mountains.
Then nearby was Soller which has an old fashioned clackety train to Palma....
and also Port de Soller which was very beautiful.
Yep, sweet holiday. I was there with my mum and dad - so an opportunity for everyone to remark on how much I look like my mater.
She is such a lady. In her sixties and she's demurely covered pretty much wrist to ankle most of the time despitre the heat which…