Sunday, 29 January 2012


I have quite an active weekend. Firstly I was making jewellery. Not unknown I know but this is different - inspired by Nickerjac's success I am opening a little etsy shop. Photos are not my forte but here are some samples...
I've not listed them yet but when I do I shall post the shop link here and .... a coupon code. I do love a discount.

My next little endeavour was dyeing the yarn for my cloud jumper. I had dyed samples of an aran weight but have ended up with 4-ply. I'm also considering intarsia instead of fairisle to make it less bulky. I've unvented (in the Zimmermann sense) a way of doing intarsia in the round. I need to experiment to see if it will work properly though.
Blue Yarn being Dyed
The yarn is still drying but looks rather nice. Flash thought the jumper would be just out of this stuff but I have some undyed from the same skeins put aside for clouds. This is all after having originally tried this with some Kauni back in June 2011. My crafting speed may be more glacier creep than pyroclastic flow but I get there in the end.

Lastly I am on stripe 8 of my minnie the minx jumper. I adore the sequins! I'm using russian joins so it can be reversible if it needs to be. They are the next best thing after spit splicing and the yarn is only 30% wool so that wouldn't work. I know that sequins and beads on yarns with bits in always gravitate to the reverse side but I do so much prefer the look of the front of stocking stitch. So I am going to aim to have the whole thing reversible so I can decide which looks best at the last possible minute.

It is the 25th WWE Royal Rumble tonight. I won't be watching it live because of the timing but I should have it in time for tomorrow night. I am VERY much looking forward to it.
WWE Hell in a Cell

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