Thursday, 26 January 2012

Dramatically Buttony

A rather deathly photo of me in my new Buttony.
Knitted Buttony Cardigan
I wore it to work today since I managed to give myself food poisoning the day before and felt in need of comfort. You know that feeling when you snuggle down inside a warm blanket? It's felt like that all day. Snuggly.
Cat snuggly.

I fell off the wagon a week or so ago and bought some purple and red Galaxy. I loved it for my Hitchhiker and tried to resist the brighter colours and was sucessful for months!
Galaxy Yarn Purple
Red and purple. I've cast on a stripey jumper. Wheeee!
Minnie the Minx

There is a beautiful moon tonight - it looks like the Cheshire Cat's smile hanging there in the sky. Which reminds me of this graffiti I saw in Brick Lane at New Year.
Cheshire Cat

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