Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lixie Makes It - the Shop!

I've started adding things to my etsy shop. I've got just a few bracelets so far and some of the stitchmarker kits. Let me have your feedback - all constructive criticism is welcomed!

Simple Circle Bracelet
Valentine Tape Measure Bracelet


nightcrickett said...

Oh, my Gawd! Those are so awesome. I can't believe how totally creative that measuring tape bracelet is! I never would have thought of that. I now have to think of all the sewists I know so I can send them a link and debate if I know them well enough to just go ahead and buy them one.

Knit Kat said...

Hi Lixie,

They're really lovely - only wish I could afford to buy some. Every penny counts in my life at the moment as I am trying to build up a business which currently swallows three times as much as it makes - but maybe next year...Hopefully you wills still have your Etsy shop by then?

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