Friday, 10 February 2012

Snow Again

I never mentioned the snow we had over the weekend. Last night it fell again which coincides with my curling up at home with a cold. I've spent the day so far doing a cat impression on the sofa. I did wonder about going outside for some fresh air and even went as far as opening the window.
Snow tracks
That's far enough - baby steps.

I have cast on my first ever piece of double knitting. This is the technique and not a reference to the DK weight of the yarn. It does make it difficult to google though. There is a clear tutorial by Phazelia, who I was swap partners with many moons ago, free on Ravelry.
Double Knitting Dots
It is definitely slower than your usual or even ribbing (which it basically is but with a slight change) but then we were all slow knitters when we first started and I have sped up already. I'm randomly adding a dot where I feel like it without worrying about an even pattern. Of course the last thing I needed was to start another project but bleh - don't be mean to me, I'm ill. If you can do 1x1 ribbing then you can double knit and the resulting fabric is deliciously spongy. Of course it will probably be summer by the time I finish the hat - but then maybe I'll go whale watching in Norway and need it.

LetterMo - blogged about here - is in full swing. I'm rather enjoying it! I've written five so far and am now out of stamps.
LetterMo - Month of Letters 2012
If you'd like to receive one from me then send me your address: littlelixieat hotmaildotcom.

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