Sunday, 12 February 2012

Start of a New Era

Bernie came to dinner last night - two person knit'n'natter, very good - and brought the embroidered sewing machine I'm possibly buying from a friend. I've got it on trial.
Embroidery Sewing Machine Brother
I have *always* wanted one of these.
Machine Embroidered Byrne
I am slightly hamstrung by having been caught unawares with no suitable interfacing in the house. Seriously - I have how many cubic metres of craft supplies and I don't have even a hankie's worth of soluble interfacing? The shame.
Bernie asked me what I was going to use it on. Well for a start all my pyjamas and dressing gowns (hey, I have two, get over it) are getting monograms. Then all my underwear are having inappropriate words added to them. Then I might get a bit more serious and explore some of the Urban Threads designs.

My cold went into remission yesterday - I woke up feeling splendid and even went outside and everything. But by the time Bernie left last night I was full of it again and feel grotty this morning. So I guess it's a good time for catching up on correspondence.
LetterMo envelopes
I got two lovely #lettermo letters yesterday and read them both with interest. Natalie had posted about receiving mine on her blog
"two pages in italic-ish handwriting which made me slow down to absorb the information. We are so used to reading typeface in magazines, newspapers books and online and I found myself needing to take my time, not because it was hard to read, but it’s been a while since I read someone else’s script" 
I could relate to this completely when I sat down to read my two. But then one of them was shorter than the other BUT contained two photographs of wrestling! Talk about a bonus. I shall query their origin in my reply.

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