Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Well That's Not Good

I have never pretended to be an athlete.
I would not have said that I even particularly liked running.

But I liked the feeling of fitness and the way it kept my bulges to mere hillocks rather than mighty mountains.
Burial Mound
I'd been getting shin pain so I went to the Physio. He told me to stop running. I am downcast.
sad cat is sad

Come on guys! Aren't I due a bit of a break? I finally find something that's good for me and now I can't even do that! I'm really quite annoyed about it. He says I've got flat feet. Flat feet!! I thought that only happened to malingerers trying to get out of national service in the forties. So because the arches aren't doing their shock absorber thing my shins are baring the brunt of it.

I was already a little concerned about the next week or two. I've had psychotic PMT the last couple of times and what with breaking up with Gordon I was not looking forward to this month's instalment. I've been reading up and calcium is supposed to help so I've been knocking back milk and supplements. Exercise is the other essential and now, kaboom, out that goes. I'm going to try swimming. But. No matter what those bloody adverts say. There are some times of the month when I would not feel comfortable going swimming.
Shark attack


I try not to care - embroidery

I made a necklace.
Cloud and umbrella necklace
It didn't really cheer me up so I went back to admiring my embroidery.
Just a shame my photography skills aren't quite as good.


Knitting Nix said...

Sorry to hear that your running has been put on hold, surely there is some alternative. shock absorbing shoes or something :) On the bright side, you now get to explore other avenues of exercise that perhaps you wouldn't of considered before? I laughed out loud at the picture with the shark after the previous comment - you are hilarious! I think your necklace is lovely. Cheer up, it sounds corny but every cloud has a silver lining.

Juniper said...

I had an identical situation a few years back. Tried running, learned that I have flat feet, even tried special supportive running shoes, ended up with horrific shin splints, had to stop running. I actually didn't find a form of exercise that really worked for me until a couple of years ago, when I started hanging out with a bunch of circus performers. Let me tell you: aerial dance is the best thing that has ever happened to my fitness level. It's low-impact, unbelievably efficient at turning your hillocks into svelte muscle, and incredibly fun. In the last two years I've gone from completely out of shape and about twenty pounds heavier than I wanted to, well, buff. Lean and buff. Also, you can start doing it at any age or fitness level.

lollyknits said...

Aerial dance sounds AMAZING! And I bet you meet some interesting people that way, as well. Gosh, you've had it rough lately, Alex! :( Sending you hugs and good vibes...

Katie said...

Even though the insoles didn't work for Juniper, they may work for you. I have quite a few friends who suffer with flat feet and insoles have solved their problems. They are the proper ones custom made to their feet though, not just off the shelf Scholl ones.

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

I admire your commitment to running, my exercise regime (*ahem*) is just a bit of moving-around-a bit-more-quickly-than-usual-to-music.
maybe you could find trainers more suited to your running style?

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