Thursday, 29 March 2012

It was another sunny day in WWEland

The boys awoke with the sun streaming through the window.
WWE wrestlers in bed at a youth hostel
"Smell my armpit!" shouted Undertaker. John Cena did and seemed to go back to sleep again.

The yoga group decided to make the most of the sunshine and started their stretches outside.
WWE Morning Meditation
CM Punk noticed his foot appeared to be pointing the wrong way. But he was a straight edge superstar so it was cool. They changed to do the greeting-the-sun routine.
WWE wrestlers doing push ups
Then they broke up into smaller groups to relax.
WWE Undertaker and Kane Having a Chat
Once he had him alone Kane said to Undertaker "Dude. That whole armpit thing this morning was not good." Undertaker just stuck out his tongue in reply. Meanwhile Triple H hugged a daisy.
WWE's HHH Hugs a Daisy
Not many people know this but HHH stands for "Hunter Hugs Herbs". Then it was time for wrestling practice. Shaun Michaels decided to go one on one with some purple cotton.
WWE's Sean Michaels Fights the Purple Cotton Yarn
He was losing but the Heartbreak Kid didn't want to give up. Then Mr Kennedy challenged him to a Cone Match.
WWE's Sean Michaels and Mr Kennedy in a Cone Match
But Mr Wrestlemania didn't like the sound of that so he threw him off the cone and into some rare breed chunky wool.
WWE's HHH takes a tumble into Purple Yarn

Once they'd finished their workouts it was storytime. As the oldest, Shaun Michaels made himself comfortable on top of a hand knitted kauni cardigan and began to tell the story...
WWE's Shaun Michaels
"Once upon a time, John Cena went to visit an alpaca farm..."
WWE's John Cena with the Male Alpaca
"...while his friends Shaun Michaels and and Triple H played in some fleece."
Shaun Michaels at Wingham Woolworks
HHH relaxes at Wingham Woolworks
"I wonder how much I weigh?" said Shaun. "If only I could climb onto those scales I'd know." "Why don't you climb up that monkey puzzle tree and jump onto the scales from above?" suggested Triple H. (He wasn't called the cerebral assassin for nothing). So Shaun climbed up...
Shaun Michaels at Wingham Woolworks
...and jumped down on to the scales.
Shaun Michaels at Wingham Woolworks
"I don't weigh anything!" he cried. "Ha ha!" said Triple H from his rosebush.
HHH hugs a tree
And that was the end of the story. "Have you and Triple H always been friends?" the younger wrestlers asked Shaun. "Friends forever!" he replied.
Victory for HHH and Shaun Michaels at Wingham Woolworks

(This is the first of two stories being published in the run up to Wrestlemania at the weekend. Did I say "Wrestlemania"? I meant WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!)


Heather said...

You are as daft as a brush :). That really made me giggle!

Have a great weekend xxx

Hilary said...

LOL. My younger son (ex wrestling owner) loved this story.

Rosie said...

Oh, my. I've obviously missed the most eventful Skipnorth ever!

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