Monday, 5 March 2012

Time Flies When You're Going Through It

Slight pause in blogging there. I had another 'depressive episode'. Or in layman's terms - went a bit loopy for a bit. As a result I am now mid-med-change and having therapy again and so on. One of the silver linings of this particular black-dog-shaped-cloud is that I am spending weekends at Mater's. As an example of the joys of staying there here is the cat giving us the quintessential money shot.
Cat Money Shot
She's no lady.

On my most recent stay we went on a jaunt to Wiveliscombe (pronounced will-less-coom, I think, who knows) and found a place very similar to Liberty in London.
Wiveliscombe shop
Inside, a staircase ran around what seemed to be the inside of the walls all the way to the ceiling. But then when you ventured up there were lots of tiny rooms all packed full of pretty fabric and kooky furniture. It felt like a house from Bramley Hedge. The coffee shop was very nice too and you should have seen the cake selection.
Wiveliscombe shop
On the way there and indeed on my way pretty much everywhere I took pictures of clouds.
This isn't for the cloud jumper I will one day get on with. Oh no. For about 5 years now I've had an idea of a fairisle based on the colours of clouds and landscape and have been taking pictures accordingly. The first time I remember doing this was on the way back from a long distant SkipNorth with Nickerjac. I have quite a collection now.
I've been doing a lot of comfort type knitting - here are the socks in all their glory which I finished two weekends ago.
Fairisle Socks
I've since done another pair which reside on my tootsies right now but of which photos there are as yet none. I've also just cast on the 3/4 Hap Shawl this evening and am using some Old Maiden Aunt in Bramble as the first colour. I haven't made a shawl for...I can't remember when I last did actually. Have a feeling it was a p-hop patterns about 3 years ago. I've had this one queued for a while so thought I'd give it a go.

My Mum has had these patchwork placemats since before I was born.
Patchwork Placemat
I adore them and have always had it in mind to copy them. I tried a few years ago but it didn't work out. It might be time to consider having another go. The finishing on them is just beautiful.
Patchwork Placemat Detail


Knitting Nix said...

Great pictures. Hope you feel more like yourself soon, glad to see you blogging again.

Cate said...

love the cloud pics, take care, x

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