Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Getting My Bake On

I've gone through a fit of baking. Olive and Mushroom Bread.You can get jars of antipasta mushrooms from the supermarket. They are really tasty and in olive oil which the recipe also calls for so two ingredients for the price of one.
Then slow cooked onion soup. A mix of spanish, red and shallots then just butter, flour, stock and seasoning. Delicious. Then tonight I am on Sticky Date Cake. The recipe I used to use has been taken down so I've used this one which seems to be more or less identical. I would strongly recommend it. The hardest part is not burning your tongue on the fruit syrup you make in the first stage while waiting for it to cool down.

In amongst all this I have been knitting and sewing. The knitting has been entirely on the 4-ply Camber Cardi I've been slogging away on since SkipNorth.
It's slow going but I do like how it is turning out. I've also been using something I purchased at SkipNorth. The recycled sari silk - but this sari silk was in strips instead of just threads and you can see two small balls of it left over from the 100g skein (it was about £4.50) to the left of the rotary cutter.
Silk Strip Patchwork
I saw this bag in Winghams (where I got the yarn).
Silk Bag at Wingham Woolworks
I don't have quite as many fancy stitches on my sewing machine but...
Silk Strip Patchwork
My colours aren't as harmonious as the sample one but I rather like the arrangement.
Silk Strip Patchwork
I shall have to find some suitable lining for it. I'm also wondering about a button closure like a paper lunchbag type thing. Not sure...maybe.

To finish I just wanted to share a couple of things I've seen recently. You're going to wonder how I could resist this one. Especially with Halloween practically on the doorstep.
Owl Pattern
I should have looked more closely - but don't you get the impression each of those 'feathers' will be hemmed and nicely finished? So. Much. Time.

Then something to brighten any living room wall. Perhaps just to the right of the flying ducks.
Cat Plate
I know - again you're thinking "£2.99? Tell me she didn't leave that behind in the shop?". But yes, I did. The dome protecting the furry cats was just a little too protuberant to meet my aesthetic requirements. I did consider getting it as a present for someone but I've just missed Mother's Day although....just imagining my Mother's face if I presented that to her as a present. Ha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha. Ooo, oooo, stitch.

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