Thursday, 31 May 2012

On a Productive Streak

In a recent email exchange a friend mentioned "You seem to be on a productive streak." My first thought was 'not really' when I suddenly thought that in the last couple of weeks I've made umpteen pincushions, knitted a whole pair of socks, made a load of jewellery and kits for my etsy shop, produced a comparison list of knitting software, made a skirt, adjusted two others (one not so good, the other perfect and has been worn), baked, made bunting and generally continued with a cross-stitch design I've got brewing. I think like a lot of us I take crafting in my stride and don't really notice when I've done a lot. 

The skirt is from one of the tablecloths I picked up last weekend. Naturally it is red polka dot. 
I didn't have a zip handy so I went for button closure. While playing around I considered that I am not short of buttons (don't ask me to guess how many thousand my collection now contains) and so chose a whole series of mismatched vintage ones to go the full length of the skirt. 
Did you know it's quite hard to photograph red buttons on a red background? 

The socks came off the needles pretty quickly and I am reasonably happy with them. 
I have noticed the right leaning spiral is a lot more pronounced than the left. A difference in tension with my decreasing I guess. These were done entirely without a cable needle though which has given me the confidence to try an actual cabled garment with the aim being to complete it without one as well. I've chosen the Livingstone Cardigan from the Winter 2011 Interweave. I did a swatch but still decided to start with an arm - plain stocking stitch mostly - just to check as comments on Ravelry (beloved Ravelry) suggest it comes out large. I'm doing the smallest size which is always nice but had to frog my first attempt as I'd been automatically reading the instructions for the second size. Cue uninteresting progress shot. 
Told you so. 

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