Sunday, 6 May 2012

Spots or Stripes

Anyone remember how Cadburys launched this big spots vs stripes concept a year or so ago? Apparently the campaign has ended. I can't say it had a great effect on me except that i have tended to buy my Wispas in the spotty wrappers just because polka dots are my first love. However, when spots are not available, stripes are my next choice.

In Amsterdam I bought a couple of Zauberballs in the same colourway intending to make a striped shawl along the lines of one of the Stephen West ones. I have used Zauberball to make socks before but thought the yarn was a bit too woolly to really do the job.
Love Heart Socks
When I got back I started swatching in various patterns. By swatching I mean I cast on since this was going to be a fairly plain V shawl so it made sense to do the swatches like that. I did this four times. Ripple in 4x4 stripe with garter row, ripple in 2x2 stripe, 2x2 plain stripe, 4x4 plain stripe. It wasn't working. So I switched tactic and looked for shawls previously knit in Zauberball that looked good. I settled on Whippoorwill. Thing is though - in the large size you've got 500+ stitches on the needles. Zauberball is meant to make nice socks at 60-70 st per row. At that row length the colours gradually fade between one and the next. At 500 st you basically get stripes. The samples I'd looked at that looked nice were the small sizes and I was knitting the largest one. There's a life lesson there. Meh. Photos to come.

Something I have done rather better on is my Sister's wedding quilt. I'm not putting the photo here as she might peek but if you click here you'll see it.

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Juniper said...

Why don't you get 2 or 3 balls of the same colorway and alternate between them each row? if you start them all at the same point in the color repeat you effectively double (or triple) the length of each color, resulting in more gradual stripes.

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