Sunday, 24 June 2012

Craft Wave Keeps Coming In

I'm still crafting away like the zombies are coming to steal my supplies. This weekend I've made the pattern and the rough sample for the Groom's waistcoat for Nickerjac's wedding. No pics but I will share the process after the wedding has actually happened.

I've also made myself a coaster and a swap partner a fabric wrapped bowl.
Fabric Wrapped Bowl and Coaster
I love these things and they are so easy to make. Any sewing machine will make one without complaint as long as you have a zig zag stitch (my swap partner likes 'shabby chic' so I'm hoping white and flowery patterns fit the bill).
Detail of fabric wrapped bowl
There is a tutorial here but it's also very intuitive. I made one of these as part of my swap with QuiteContrary but I have also made others before.
Polka Dot Fabric Bowl
I get my clothes lines from the pound shop and go for the ones that look quite raffia-ish as they are a good size and easy for the needle to go through. Then you use any scrap fabric (as long as the pieces are at least 1" thick and off you go.

I have thought a lot about why I've been on such a craft bender for the last few weeks/months. I think Pinterest has a lot to do with it. My 'Crafty Inspirations' Board in particular means I am frequently reminded of creative opportunities and I am still on the site most days seeing what is inspiring others. In fact I repinned this from someone else on Friday because it resonated.

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

For instance seeing something like this...

...makes me think of this jumper I saw on Flowermouse Blog (which I follow)...
...and how I want to use my own cat motif with the paperdolls jumper on Ravelry. And also how I have a cat embroidery on the go that I haven't even blogged about and so I do a bit more on that.

For today I am hoping to finish the Livingstone Cardigan from the last Interweave Magazine. Half the collar and the i-cord toggle loops to go plus choosing some suitably toggly buttons from the stash. I also made some resin pendants yesterday (I was about to make a sandwich and decided to do the resin pouring instead - you know how it is) so I need to photograph those and list them on Etsy. Then...who knows. I might swatch for the shawl I'll wear to the wedding, or make some more bunting, or do some more cross stitch planning, or....

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