Saturday, 16 June 2012

A House of my Own

This seems about as close as I'll get any time soon to owning property.
Wooden Houses 2
I was looking for some little wooden blanks to paint into houses since my trip to Amsterdam. I first saw some tiny ones in Prague in about 2003 and the large ones in Amsterdam souvenir shops reminded me of them all over again. There are lots on etsy...

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

...but I wanted to make my own. I should have known that it required merely a word in my Dad Rob's ear.
Wooden Houses 3
He is an electrician and general manly crafter. He made these out of some scraps. I love them.
Wooden Houses 1
I'm tempted to lightly oil or varnish them and leave them as they are but I am going to give the painting a go. Onward, ever onward.

The cat is now firmly out of the bag and Nickerjac has announced her nuptials. There has been much planning and discussion already and my first task is to make two waistcoats. I was idly strolling along the road thinking of this when I stopped in my tracks. Well, she will need a cake, right?
Barbie Cake
Meanwhile I will continue thinking of waistcoats. I had no idea there were so many styles. I'm guessing something like this just won't do.
Niles - Nervous Bunny Softie
The creator calls him "Niles the Nervous Bunny". Strangely apt!

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