Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I love these.
Mouse Stitchmarkers
I've got two kits for the bronze ones in my etsy shop but I've kept the silver ones for myself. Yippee! Also while perusing Etsy I came across snag free stitchmarkers. Now I have heard of such a thing before but didn't like the weird stringy appearance of them. The ones I found were much nicer and...in true craft whore style...I have copied them.
Snag free stitchmarkers
Hands up mine are not as good and lack finesse and I encourage you to go and buy the originals, but I rather like them.

Having launched my business - I Block Your Knitting - I do feel more strongly drawn to lace then last week. I'been looking at what is in my queue on Ravelry and do rather fancy this lace hoody. Thing is I very rarely buy more than one skein of a sock yarn. In fact I never buy more than one. And this top needs 5. And with indie yarns that means £50 easily. Hmmm...rethink....

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I love them too. Is it ever possible to have too many stitch markers? I think not.

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