Friday, 13 July 2012

Putting your New Foot Forward

My journey to conquer the tibial tendinitis (not "labial" as spellcheck keeps trying to change it to - can you imagine) has reached a new stage. In between causing bruises on my calves the Podiatrist gave me these yesterday.
Orthotic Insoles
If you knew how much they cost you'd be as excited as I am.
Base of Orthotic Insoles
He had created a cast of my feet a few weeks earlier and measured my legs and these were the result. They force me to walk properly rather than tipping outwards with each step. What suprised me though is how the highlight the differences between my legs.
Orthotic Insoles End View
The one on the right is about 5mm higher than the other to make up for the difference in length. I know none of us are truly symmetric (think of the men you know) but it's still quite surprising to see it illustrated like this. I'm to wear them for an hour extra each day until I am wearing them all the time and should expect to feel quite knackered for the first few weeks as my body is forced to work harder than usual when walking. But on the plus side it should stop the pain so bring it on.

I received several things yesterday of a less practical nature and far more aesthetically pleasing. Pooch's birthday present for me arrived from Canada.
Silver Knitting Ring 2
Di-vine. I've had it on my etsy favourites for years and am utterly thrilled with it.
Silver Knitting Ring 3
I am going to wear it with pride at work to do and see it as my new go-to ring.
Silver Knitting Ring
This is the seller. She is a real artist.

Also arriving chez Byrne was something else I'd favourited on etsy an age ago and decided to treat myself to as a birthday present.
What Makes My Cat Purr?
A vintage children's book called "What Makes my Cat Purr?". Some might think that starting to buy children's books was a sign of impending intention, but no. This is purely for me and I read it out loud to myself last night. #cuckoo
The illustrations are so lovely.
Vintage boy holding cat
One day I will get to live out my crazy cat woman dreams.

Meanwhile I content myself with being the crazy wrestling woman. The CM Punk - AJ - Daniel Bryan love triangle continues. Needless to say CM Punk doesn't want to be in the love triangle, everyone keeps telling AJ she's nuts or 'needs professional help' depending on whether they are a heel or a face (bad guy / good guy for the uninitiated) and Daniel Bryan only cares because AJ is the special guest referee at his and Punk's title match on sunday (woop woop). Having snogged them both last week (and really snogged - OMG I'm so jealous as I would happily give a decent sized portion of my yarn stash to snog CM Punk) she this week proposed to CM Punk, was proposed to by Bryan and then ended by slapping them both - and proper slaps too. Their reactions were quite telling. CM Punk (face) was annoyed but would naturally never hit a lady so just pulled a real mean face.
CM Punk Angry
Daniel Bryan (heel) was astonished AJ didn't want to marry him and pulled what I think of as a margaret-rutherford-as-miss-marple-upon-being-told-to-go-away-by-an-impertinent-young-upstart-face.
Daniel Bryan Surprised
Come on - which one would you rather snog?


Spinningfishwife said...

I'm off to see the podiatrist in a couple of weeks too. I'm hoping for miraculous new feet tbh but a set of the above would be great too. I'll be interested to hear how you get on with them.


Hope your orthotics help. Mine have made an amazing difference to my pain but they do take a bit of getting used to. Plus it's tricky finding shoes that they fit in but well worth it.

Heather said...

Mum has always had trouble with her feet, but once she got used to her inserts, she found an amazing difference. Hope you do too!

That ring is *gorgeous* - and I love the book illustrations :)

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