Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Festival of Quilts 2012

Squeee! It was another lovely one. I went with Mum again and we both had a great time. Here she is rifling through the Liberty scraps with the greatest concentration.
As was I of course, except to pause and take a sneaky photo without her noticing. Here are the ones I picked out.
It's the amazingly fine lawn cotton and the perfect size for lovely little somethings.

The quilts were of the usual excellent standard and variety. I loved the Miniature Quilts section last year and this year it was definitely my favourite. Pictures of some are hard to take given the light and the number of people. This was the first place winner.
Winner of the Miniature Quilts Category
You see how perfect that is? It's about 5 inches across. There's a close up of the detail here. The workmanship was just amazing. I actually preferred her second one - which came second. Yep, she got first and second place in this category. Here it is.
Second place in the Miniature Quilts Category
Bit fuzzy but yes, she made miniature 9 patch stars. I can't even do them full size. Phew. Detail here.

My favourite was this one:
So clever. I would *love* to have this on my wall. Other favourites from all the categories:
It's made up of these wavy blocks and hand embroidered:
Beautiful hexagons. There were quite a few hexagon quilts plus a miniature one that was amazing.
An amazingly textured pictorial quilt of Venice.
A gorgeously vibrant silk quilt.
The detail on this was beautiful - the whole thing seemed to glow.
And then I was also very taken with the aerial map type quilts which can only have been by the same person (I *will* get a catalogue next year). There was one full size one.
And then a tiny miniature one.
So cute!

As well as the Liberty scraps I got a few other things. A selection of fat quarters.
And two jelly rolls.
Rather moderate for me I thought! And I came in £10 under budget. Holla!

Since then I have of course been to Nickerjac's wedding which was amazing. I just need to have a word with someone before posting about it though. I'll tweet as soon as all the pics are ready for viewing. In the meantime all of my Festival of Quilts photos (all 127 of them) are here.

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Heather/nightcrickett said...

I love those aerial map quilts, I have never seen that before. I am now inspired to make a set of quilts and pillows of all the places in England I've lived, starting with the English village we were in last. So cool! Thanks!

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