Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Oh What A Lovely Wedding

The wedding of Nickerjac and Andy took place last Saturday. It really was lovely. Jane had lent her family home on the Isle of Wight and it was the perfect setting. A beautiful garden was lovingly done up with about a mile of my handmade bunting.
  Wedding Rehearsal
They both looked lovely. Plus I finally get to show the waistcoat I was making for Andy (plus a matching one for their littl'un). 
I also had a hand in Nic's dress although the body of it was done by another more skilled sewer than I. 
She looked like a Princess! My face was 99% grin through the whole ceremony which Laura performed brilliantly. As well as a mountain of savouries we also had a candy bar. It was brilliant! Lots and lots and I mean LOTS of sweets and little paper bags all hand stamped to put them in. Kids of all sizes were enjoying that one. And I adore this photo of Yvonne and Sue trying to make their selections. 
You can see all of my photos here. It really was a very lovely day. 

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