Sunday, 12 August 2012

Shawl! Shawl! Shawl!

In WWE there is a finishing move called The Spear and when the wrestler does it (it used to be Edge but Christian inherited it when Edge retired) the commentator shouts "SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!". So now you know.

In the same way when I finally unpinned the shawl from blocking and wrapped it around myself I could hear a voice in my head shouting "SHAWL! SHAWL! SHAWL!"
Gail Nightsong Shawl
Blocking it was quite a mammoth task because it is humungous.
Lace Shawl Blocking
It is the same width as my two person sofa and rocking chair in a line. Fortunately it dried overnight as it was taking up most of my floor space.
I do love the pattern though and it was pretty easy. Especially after my first abortive attempt. I'm very pleased I redid it.
The pattern is Gail or Nightsongs and is free. It is going to match my dress perfectly. And....ta da!
Shawl Sailing
I've also entered it for the Lace Longjump but haven't been to the podium for that yet.

Yesterday was pretty hectic - fabric shopping in the morning followed by 5 hours straight sewing - the results of which will be seen next weekend. During the shopping part I did find a few fairly odd things in the pound shops of Lewisham. I do adore those shops. You never know what craziness you'll see. The winner this time was undoubtedly the pet tombstone.
Pet Tombstone from a Poundstore
Yours for just £1 plus postage. Let me know if you want me to pick one up for you.


Elly said...

I will pass on the pet tombstone, but I have to say, I'm WELL impressed with you knitting this shawl again - and in such a short time! I hope your friend appreciates your perseverance!

Ynot said...

The shawl is just gorgeous!! I'm also amazed at how fast you re-knit it. I hope you enjoy wearing it for a long time to come!


F me, that shawl is the nuts. I'm wanting it muchly. Nice one lady.

m said...

I love it,and now I'm wishing there had been more of the fibres so that I could have spun some for myself.
It was great to see it on Saturday.

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