Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Any Interest in a Charm Square Swap?

I have been searching all over for a Charm Square Swap and I can't find one. I've been umming and ahhing about whether to run one and then I came across this post...

...which basically decided it for me. But I'm still not sure how much interest there would be. Hence the poll at the bottom of this post.

A charm square is basically a square of fabric. That's it. For swaps they are usually 5" square but other sizes can be used. Swaps can have a theme (i.e. reds or i-spy) and usually have a few rules (like only using new, unwashed fabric from a named designer).

Everyone in the swap cuts their fabric into the required number of charm squares then sends them to the host with a stamped addressed envelope. After the deadline the host shares out the squares between the swappers and sends them back to them in the envelopes they provided. The only cost is for the fabric and the postage.

You can get 24 five inch squares out of half a metre of fabric which for a designer brand is usually about £10-14 a metre so I reckon you could do the whole thing in the UK for about £10.
Random Mini Charm Pack

So what do people think? Would you be interested in joining a charm square swap?

While you ponder I wanted to share this cunning way to get four half square triangle patches out of two charm squares. There are some nice examples of quilts you can make from them on Flickr. 
Half square triangle exchange!
A New Project
QS.BOM.April Block
Wall Hanging for Grandma
Ooooooo, sooooo many....

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