Thursday, 13 September 2012

Fairly Fairisle

In a recent post, the one with the testicles in, I shared the chart I was using for a fairisle and said it was melodic to be swapping between the two colours. Well screw that. The music died. Trying to do fairisle in about eleventy three shades of blue green when the evenings are getting darker turned out to suck so I changed it to swapping the main colour but keeping the contrast as light grey.
Fairisle Knitting Swatch 2
This is definitely going to be one of those ones where you see the pattern best from a distance. It may also become cat blanket in about 5 years time when I finally give up but I'm going to hang on with it for a while longer and see how it develops.

While I continue to ponder the charm square swap (4 votes in favour) there is a "Scrap Vomit" Swap taking place on Swap-Bot. You send 3 people a bag of 49 x 2.5" squares. So that's 147 x 2.5" squares I need to cut. Thank god for my rotary cutter and quilting ruler. Anyone can join so click on that link to find out more.


Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

La, la ,la...

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