Sunday, 9 September 2012

Huge Woolly Testicles

Little bit of urban wildlife for you today. I went to Mudchute Farm which is all of about 10 mins walk from my flat and right by the DLR station I've been using for 18 months. First visit since I moved here, naturally.
Urban Park in Mudchute
Walking down the paths it's easy to forget you're in London. The Farm is tucked away, separated from the main park. It's pretty big with lots of animals. It being 28 degrees they were all fairly droopy.
Hot Llama Alpaca
It was hot enough to want to stretch out with them but there were all these signs about not snogging them and so on for hygiene reasons so I held off.
Gloucester Old Spot Pig
This was probably the third largest pig there. The biggest was a big pig. About 7 feet stretched out on the floor with it's head away from me. As I contemplated it, it farted.
Then I saw the largest pair of woolly testicles I've ever seen. Here they are.
Male Sheep
Nice horns.

Just when things were getting weird I saw a chicken with a saddle.
Now of course you can't have a race with just one so sure enough her gal pal had one too. The male was enormous.
I didn't see any tiny riding hats so I guess there was no race today. Well it is Sunday. Everyone's relaxing on a sunday.

The return back to real life had an element of Narnia about it. The gateway between two realities.
Exit from Mudchute Farm

As it has been so hot this weekend it seemed only right to cast on a fairisle steeked cardigan in shetland wool. I have accumulated a fair old stash of Jamieson's from various projects and from buying a ball which turned out to be not quite the right shade about 20 times. So I've chosen a conventional all over pattern from Alice Starmore's "Charts for Colour Knitting" and divided it up into blocks of rows.
I'll change between all the colours I've got fairly randomly depending on my mood. I've done about 2 inches but it will take longer to work out whether it is working. I do love fairisle though. It feels quite melodic, swapping between the two colours as you progress smoothly round and round. It's all good.

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