Saturday, 29 September 2012

Money's Too Tight To Mention

It does seem like everyone is talking about money at the moment. Namely their lack thereof. Friend at work is considering moving to a smaller house because his income is no longer enough to support a wife and young kids with. Everyone else is broke. I'm not able to save anything any more because of the Relate sessions. I've started wondering whether I really need things I pay for each month.
Prime regrets sending Megs to do the shopping! Plastic 52 (16/52)
TV license for instance. I hardly ever watch live TV anymore. But I do record things from live TV with my DVR. I discovered today that Murder She Wrote isn't available on the ITV Player. That's basically a deal breaker. TV license is about £14 a month and the cheapest box set of all 12 series I could find is £61.50 plus postage. Hardly worth cancelling really considering I will occasionally watch Dog the Bounty Hunter or something.
Dog the Racist scumbag
Basically I've been through everything and don't see how I can cut down. Yet at the same time the cost of living is heading ever upwards while pay rises are a hey-I-almost-didn't-spot-you-there 1% when they happen. Bleh. Maybe I should move. I could get a Zone 4 place for £150-200 less a month. But then the travelcard is an extra £500 a year plus extra travel time. Tsk. I used to want to own my own flat so much. In fact what am I saying, I still do. But, I'm pretty sure even one of these is out of my reach at the moment.
Gingerbread house
And let's not forget what else is coming up:

I believe that is about 11 weekends. I have already started knitting and sewing presents (from stash of course). I don't think any of us are thinking of our stash's as pensions any more. Mine is certainly now a recession buster rather than a pension fund. 

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