Monday, 3 September 2012

Weekend Patchwork

This weekend, as well as turmoil, brought two firsts.

First First

I have begun sewing my first quilt made from a jelly roll. It's the one I cut a week ago and it is coming together rather nicely.
Patchwork Plait
I've done two out of five of the plaits and have been wondering what on earth I'll do with it afterwards. But then I have had an idea about that. People seem to be adopting babies suddenly so maybe there's some use it could be put to in one of those cases.
Patchwork Plait
I don't usually use coherent ranges of fabric but I can see the benefits. The prints all look lovely together.

Second First

I finally bit the bullet and got out the CurveMaster Presser Foot I got two years ago from Cottonpatch. I'd like to think I didn't pay that for it though. I'd printed out a template at work so carefully cut four sets of pieces.
Drunkard's Walk Patchwork
I watched a how to on youtube and I was off.
Circle Patchwork 2
I should have kept track of the order I sewed them in but overall they're not that bad.
Circle Patchwork
I'm putting the mismatch down to my loose approach to seam allowances.

If you're interested in patchwork and quilting then there is a free course on Craftsy for a Beginners Block of the Month. Even joining now you get access to all the videos and patterns going back to January and it is all beautifully free! I watched the first one and the quality is really good.

For the future I'm pondering something like this:
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

But with some house blocks like these mixed in.

It's all paper piecing. I'm actually wondering about entering a quilt into the Festival of Quilts next year and this would fit into the pictorial category. The entry form goes up at some point this month so I'll be able to see what the requirements are. I've never entered a quilt competition before and it would be rather a kick to see my quilt hanging up among all those other beauties.

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Go for it is what I say x

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